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Performance Monitoring (08.03.07)
Access all the detailed performance data collected by RemotelyAnywhere. You can view this in an easy-to-digest format for each area.
  • CPU, Memory & Disk Space - A number of graphs show you activity over various periods of time and sampling rates making it easy to any pinpoint spikes in usage.
  • Drive & Partition Info - Displays all physical drives in the remote computer and their partition tables. Organized into Physical Drives and Partitions, and Logical Drives.
  • Open TCP/IP Ports - Lists all open IP endpoints on the computer. You can specify whether you'd like to see the ports that are listening for connections, ports that are already connected, and ports in various stages of being connected and disconnected. You can even resolve IP addresses.
  • Network Info - Get information on the network utilization of the remote machine and which network adapters are installed.
  • PCI Info - View all hardware connected to the PCI bus or buses in the system.
  • Open Files - A list of all files currently open on the remote computer, along with the names of the processes using them. You can view data on the processes, and if necessary, kill them.
  • Registry Keys In Use - Displays all registry keys currently open on the remote computer and the processes that use them. You can view data on the processes, and kill them if necessary.
  • DLLs In Use - View a listing of all currently loaded dynamic link libraries and the processes that use them.
  • Installed Applications List - Build up a software inventory with a list of all the applications installed on any machine.

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