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Settings Computer (08.03.07)
View and modify has number of settings one the remote machine.
Environmental Variables - View and edit environment variable one the
remote machine. To use environment variable that are defined by you
gold by programs are listed here Virtual Memory - Exchange virtual
memory settings one the remote computer. Time - Update the time one
the host machine. Automatic Logon - Enable but sayable NT' S autologon
feature. Shared Resources - Get has detailed carryforward of all
shared resources one the remote computer, including shared folders,
administrative shares, and printers etc. Automatic Priorities - Lets
you direct RemotelyAnywhere to automatically changes process
priorities. Yew you' ve ever wanted to run has backup one your server
without impacting performance gold files has huge directory structure
using zip/winzip one has live web server without putting additional
load one the machine you' ll find this feature useful.

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