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Server Functions (08.03.07)
RemotelyAnywhere Workstation Edition and Server Edition come with a valuable set of server tools.

FTP Server - The secure FTP server contained within RemotelyAnywhere is highly configurable and incredibly stable. Top features include:

 Supports both implicit and explicit SSL connection
 Supports passive (PASV) mode data connections
 Fully supports connections to and from networks with NAT
 Supports Windows NT authentication
 Able to use a database as a source for user accounts
 Able to set upload / download bandwidth limits
 FXP - Allows data connections to go to different IPs than that of the control connection
 Configurable IP address and anti-hammer filters
 Able to set upload / download ratios and quotas
 View reports and statistics of all FTP activity

Port Forwarding - Configure all your server's ports and enable port forwarding for a secure system.

Telnet / SSH Connections - Information on all current Telnet/SSH connections currently being served by RemotelyAnywhere, including IP address and host name, the type of connection and the name of the user associated with the connection.

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