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Scheduling & Alerts (27.02.07)
You can make use of RemotelyAnywhere's scripting capabilities, as well as set up a service to send you E-mail alerts when certain events occur on the remote machine.
  • System Monitoring - This is a powerful feature of RemotelyAnywhere. You can monitor the system based on the performance data collected. You can also define conditions, and actions to be performed.
  • Email Alerts - When log entries matching a certain criteria are entered into any of the event logs you can have RemotelyAnywhere send you email alerts to an email address of your choice.
  • Task Scheduler - View, add and delete scheduled tasks for the remote machine.
  • Scripting - RemotelyAnywhere provides an extension interface in which you can create custom scripts that interact with the system, RemotelyAnywhere and the user.
  • Scripts Library - RemotelyAnywhere comes complete with pre-compiled scripts to help prevent and solve common problems.

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