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Remotely Anywhere : prices

 Workstation EditionServer EditionNetwork console
1$ 99 buy online ! $199 : buy online ! $199 : buy online !
$ 80.00$ 160
11-25$ 65.00$ 130
$ 55.00$ 110
$ 45.00$ 90
101+call SysCo at +41 32 730 11 10
 we also provide site, country, EU and world licences

Prix in $, VAT excluded, the amount is converted in CHF (Swiss Francs)
at the monthly change rate given by the Swiss finance administration.

All prices are "per license". One license is required for each host machine on which RemotelyAnywhere is installed. We offer additional discounts for larger volume purchases. For more information, please contact us.

The online purchase is for the moment only possible for a single licence.

Upgrade insurance entitles you to free upgrades for the life of the insurance. This is available for just 20% of the purchase price per year of insurance. The first of insurance upgrade year is already included.

Upgrade to the latest version of RemotelyAnywhere for just 50% of the purchase price. To upgrade your current versions of RemotelyAnywhere, click on the upgrade button below and paste in your existing licenses when prompted.

Academic institutions get an extra 20% discount. For more details, please contact us.


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