Access and control your PC or network from any computer

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Remote Control (22.02.07)
Fast, secure remote computer interface provides live visual duplicate of your network or PC desktop and file structure. Check your email, access files and work network from your home, a hotel, Internet café or customer site.
  • Change screen resolution on the fly - Resize the remote screen to fit your local monitor size without having to dig into Windows settings.
  • Color Depth Optimization - Decreasing the color depth gives you more bandwidth.
  • Zoom - Zoom in and out of the remote screen with a couple clicks. Or use your mouse pointer like a magnifying glass.
  • Full Screen Ability - Get the feeling of being right at the remote computer by having its screen completely fill your monitor.
  • Automatic Clipboard Transfer - Easily cut and paste between machines.
  • Remote-to-Local Printing - Work on a document on the remote machine and hit print to send it to your local printer.

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