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Networking (06.03.07)
Control and deploy RemotelyAnywhere on computers within the network environment.
  • Host Monitoring - Drag and drop computers on your network into the Network Console interface and monitor their CPU and memory usage, interactive user information, number of connections, local time and host screen.
  • Enterprise Configuration - Using the Enterprise Configuration option in the RemotelyAnywhere Network Console you can push specific configuration settings to multiple machines across your network, quickly and easily.
  • Replicate Configuration - The “Replicate Configuration” option is a one-to-many configuration distribution tool. It is typically used to distribute a fine-tuned RemotelyAnywhere configuration to a selected group of computers.
  • Network & Subnet Scans - This option will search your Windows network for domains and computers on which RemotelyAnywhere is already installed.
  • Remote Install and Upgrade - The Network Console facilitates rapid mass-deployment of RemotelyAnywhere to computers on the network.
  • Ping - With this option you can ping a selected computer. If it can be pinged then a small green icon will be displayed to the left of the computer. If it cannot, then a small red icon will be displayed.
  • Wake on LAN - This feature offers the possibility of turning on a selected computer that is part of the local LAN.

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