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Layered Security (26.02.07)
RemotelyAnywhere works in conjunction with your windows security system. All data transferred is protected with 128- to 256-bit SSL encryption. Plus, RemotelyAnywhere allows you to setup advanced security features like IP-address lockout and individual user access permissions.
  • IP Filtering - Specify exactly which computers and locations are allowed to access your system.
  • IP Address Lockout - Protect against unauthorized logins and Denial Of Service attacks with custom IP Address Lockout configurations.
  • SSL - All traffic between the host and the remote computer is encrypted using industry-strength 128- to 256-bit cyphers, protecting your passwords and data.
  • Detailed Logging - All events including unauthenticated connection attempts are logged to central syslog server.
  • RSA SecurID Support - The industry’s leading user authentication system uses two-factor authentication that requires a user to know a code and have an authenticator.
  • Existing SSL security certificates and domain certificate servers - RemotelyAnywhere allows you to use your existing system for SSL security certificates if you do not want to create new ones.

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