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General Features (06.03.07)
There are so many features of RemotelyAnywhere, it's hard to know where to fit them in. Here are a few that don't quite fit into any of the above categories.
  • Help Desk Chat - Allows you to communicate with the user sitting in front of the remote computer as you would with any instant messenger software. So you can work on the computer remotely and keep the user updated at the same time.
  • Dynamic IP Support - If you don't have a connection with a fixed IP address you can use this feature to get email whenever your IP address changes. This is very handy for people trying to connect to their home computers.
  • Fast User Switching Support - Windows XP's Fast User Switching allows several people to share a computer without logging on and off. RemotelyAnywhere fully supports this functionality.
  • Display Basic System Info - Get an immediate overview of the remote system so you can assess the health of the computer.

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