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Computer Management (08.03.07)
Provides direct and rapid access to a server's Event Viewer, User Manager, live lists of DLLs, open files, services in use, and other hidden tools even the OS does not provide. No other remote system administration tool gives you this power and speed to maintain desktops and servers.
  • File Manager - Change access rights, attributes, view, edit and execute files.
  • User Manager - Fully supports all the features of Windows NT built-in User Manager.
  • Event Viewer - View the event logs of the remote machine. Very much like Windows NT's own Event Viewer.
  • Manage Services - Get a detailed view of any service and edit it.
  • Manage Processes - Get a detailed view of all the running processes and kill any that are deviant.
  • Manage Drivers - Get a detailed view of any driver and edit it.
  • Registry Editor - Edit the registry of the remote computer.
  • Command Prompt / Telnet - The Telnet client, written as a Java applet, provides encryption and data compression for security and speed. The Telnet and SSH server included with RemotelyAnywhere lets you access a command prompt on a remote computer from terminal emulator software or a web browser.
  • Reboot Manager - You have several options to reboot the remote machine. You can choose to perform an emergency reboot, hard reboot, normal reboot, restart the RemotelyAnywhere service or schedule a reboot to occur at another time. ^

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