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Zcom 3.x - paying SMS gateway (freeware) (02.11.17)
Zcom is a freeware that allows you to send paying SMS from your computer to one or more recipients, at once.

Ideal to inform your employees, members, customers, etc.

A color code indicates the state of acknowledgment!

Zcom in a nutshell

Download Zcom 3.x

Zcom 3.x is a freeware that runs on Windows OS in order to send paying SMS.

Ultra-simple to install and use, it lets you send SMS to one or several tens of recipients at once. Zcom allows you to check at a glance the status of acknowledgments.

Les crédits SMS sont fournis par Vadian par l'intermédiaire d'un compte ouvert sur la plateforme ou par le biais d'un compte que SysCo créée pour vous auprès de cette société.

SMS credits are provided by Vadian. You need to open an account on or SysCo may open an account for you.

Single or multi-user
If the application is installed in a computer folder, Zcom is single-user.
If the application is installed in a server's shared folder, Zcom is multi-user.
It is possible to use several single-user Zcom in a same company and share the same smsbooster account.

Download the Zcom.exe file into the folder you want Zcom to be installed.
Start Zcom.exe (a file that contains the datas, Zcom.db, is created in the same place)
Log in using the admin button displayed at the lower right of the app (admin / admin4sms)
Go to the tab setting to add the SMS key / username and password provided by smsbooster or SysCo

If a new Zcom version is available, you just need to replace the existing zcom.exe file with the new version of the zcom.exe file in the folder where Zcom is installed, keeping the Zcom.db file contained in the same folder.

Add Recipients
Through the "Recipient" tab

Through the "SMS" tab, enter the text, select the recipient (s), and click on the send button

Historique - Etat de l'accusé de réception
Vert = le SMS a passé
Jaune = le SMS est en attente (état donné par le provider SMS qui dit « en attente de livraison)
Rouge = le SMS a échoué
Gris = aucune info reçue en retour, il est conseillé de renvoyer un SMS

History - Status of the acknoledgement
Green = SMS spent
Yellow = SMS waiting (state given by the SMS provider that says "waiting for delivery)
Red = SMS failed
Gray = no information received back, it is recommanded to send an SMS

Current version
The current Zcom version is :

Version 3.0.8 of 12.04.2016

What's new
- Windows 10 compatibility
- multilanguage : Italian added
- small debugs

Changelog :
- Version 3.0.6 of 11.02.2014
- Version 3.0.5 of 23.09.2013
- Version 3.0.4 of 26.05.2013

Additional information
La version actuelle de Zcom est :
3.0.8 du 12.04.2016
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